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By signing up with the FRC website, you will gain access to an online community of professionals from academia and civil society and you will be able to network with other members. Benefits of FRC membership include:

  • Posting and replying to requests for research support on the Research Wanted board
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Membership is free of cost, but each application is carefully reviewed. We are looking for members from the following sectors:

  • Academics who have a current or past academic connection and have contributed to the food research discourse in the UK, including publication in academic journals.
  • Those working on UK food issues for non-governmental Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) which do not distribute profits to private shareholders and so operate in the public interest and who support the general aims and work of the Food Research Collaboration.

If you fit the criteria above, please fill in the form below to apply for membership. You will soon receive an email confirmation of your application, with further information included. By filling in this application you are consenting to display your name, job title, organisation and research interests in your website profile (if you prefer not to share these details in your public profile, please specify). If you lose your login details or experience any problems with the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please fill in all the fields to help us better understand if you meet the membership criteria. When choosing an username, please note that your first name alone may be already taken by another user (e.g. Amy), so a better choice would be your full name (e.g. AmyDuncan) or even a combination of your full name and numbers. When choosing a password, keep in mind that a good password is at least seven characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols like ! ” ? $ % ^ & ).

PLEASE NOTE – All applications from December onwards are in holding as we rebuild our website.

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The Food Research Collaboration (FRC) is the only initiative in the UK dedicated to bringing together academics and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working to improve the UK food system. Our mission is to facilitate more effective collaboration between academics and CSOs to produce, share and use the knowledge needed to improve UK food policy. Our longer term vision is of academic and CSO communities working better together to influence and improve UK food policy to build a healthier, more sustainable food system.

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