Citizens’ Jury on the Future of Food in/out of the EU

Citizens’ Jury on the Future of Food in/out of the EU

When: 12 May 2016, 10 am- 5 pm

Where: The Duke of Cambridge, Islington, London

This event was a one-day public debate about the outlook for our food and agriculture systems in the context of the current UK referendum on the UK’s EU membership on 23 June.

Twelve jurors, drawn at random from those expressing interest in the event, heard evidence from eight witnesses. Each witness has ten minutes to present their case, followed by twenty minutes to be cross-questioned by the jurors. They then had one hour to deliberate their verdict on the following statement: “The future of our food system would be best served by the UK exiting from/remaining in the EU.”

Speakers included former Labour MP Joan Walley, Professor Tim Lang (City University), Guy Watson (founder of Riverford Organic), and Vicki Hird (War on Want).

The event was organised by the Food Research Collaboration and Coventry University’s Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR).


Citizens’ jury voted to stay in the EU at joint FRC/CAWR event

On Thursday, 12 May, after hearing evidence from leading food experts, a citizens’ jury voted 12-1 that staying in the European Union would be better for British food. The all-day event took place at The Duke of Cambridge, in Islington, London, and it was jointly organised by People’s Knowledge at the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University and the Food Research Collaboration.
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