Food Thinkers seminars


FOOD THINKERS, 2014-2015: A continuing series hosted by the Centre for Food Policy, City University London

This series is an opportunity to engage with people who play an active part in food policy-making. They have been invited to talk about their work and how they see the world of food policy. The purpose of the sessions is for us to hear what the speakers say, to understand their motives, their view of the world of food, any lessons they have learned, etc. The talks are about 30 minutes, followed by up to 60 minutes of questions and answers. They will be recorded and made available on the Food Research Collaboration website. The focus is on engagement and questions. The sessions are chaired by Prof Tim Lang.

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The sessions that have taken place this year are:

27 June 2017, 4pm –  Renato Maluf – “The intersectoral approach to food and nutrition security in Brazil: how it was built and where we stand today”

24 May 2017, 4pm – Tim Lang, Tara Garnett & Modi Mwatsama– “How can we make progress on normalising Sustainable Diets?”

15 February 2017, 4pm – Jonathan Jones-“Dysfunctional regulation of GM crops; scope for improvement post-Brexit?”

1 February 2017, 4pm – Regional Food Thinkers Seminar with Jane Dixon

25 January 2017, 4pm – Peter Stevenson– “Post Brexit Farming: Interweaving animal welfare, the environment and public health.”


24 September 2014, 4 pm Stephanie Barrientos (Manchester University) – ‘How are supermarkets transforming the gender nexus in global agri-food value chains?’

8 October 2014, 3 pm  Clive Black (Shore Capital) – ‘The death of the supermarket and the rise of the entrepreneur- myth or reality: the future of food retailing in the UK’

22 October 2014 Jane Dixon (Australia National University) – ‘What about the Culture in Agri-Culture?’

27 October 2014, 2 pm Graham Riches – ‘Wasted food for surplus people. Food Charity or Food Justice?’

3 December 2014, 4 pm Sophia Murphy (University of British Columbia)- ‘Resilient Food Security: stability and the governance of international agricultural trade’

10 December, 4 pm Rachael Durrant (University of Sussex)- ‘Civil society roles in transition: towards sustainable food?’

21 January 2015, 4 pm Rob Harrison – “Consumer Campaigning in the 21st Century”

4 March 2015, 4 pm Andy Fearne -“Sustainability: whose line is it anyway?”

25 March 2015, 2 pm Peter Backman – “Eating out versus eating in: the battles to feed us out of home”

22 April 2015, 4 pm Corinna Hawkes– “Connecting with the food system”

13 May 2015, 4 pm Nora McKeon– Food Security Governance: empowering communities, regulating corporations

24 June 2015, 4 pm Christine Parker– The potential of the food label as democratic governance space

30 September 2015, 4 pm Mark Lawrence, Deakin University– “Rethinking evidence use for food and nutrition policy”

28 October 2015, 4 pm Simon Capewell, University of Liverpool– “Can we quantify the benefits of healthy food policies?”

11 November 2015, 4 pm Ben Richardson, University of Warwick– “Capital Appetite: The Political Economy of Sugar Consumption”

18 November 2015, 2 pm Hannah Brinsden, World Obesity Federation– “The role of civil society advocacy in the modern world of food and health”

2 December 2015, 4 pm Robin Ireland, Health Equalities Group– “Translating Local Action to National Policy”

13 January 2016 Valerie Tarasuk, University of Toronto- “Monitoring food insecurity in Canada: shifting the conversation from charity to public policy”

20 January 2016 Samuel Levie-“The Food Cabinet. Transition by Doing”

1 June 2016, 4 pm Lauren Blake- “Breaking down the personal and professional: an exploration of British food activism through oral history”

15 June 2016, 4 pm Sergio Schneider- “School feeding programmes as a strategy to connect health, nutrition and agriculture in emerging economies”.

28 September 2016 Erik Millstone: “The evolution of food safety policy-making: progress and retrogression”.

26 October 2016, 4 pm Tim Lang- “First it’s exit the Corn Laws (1846). Then it’s Brexit (2016). Now what?”

16 November 2016, 4pm – David Baldock, “Horses and Carts: can policies in a post Brexit world harness farming to more sustainable diets?”

23 November 2016, 4pm – August ‘Gus’ Schumacher Jr. ‘Food as Medicine: Nutrition Incentives and Veggie Prescriptions’

7 December 2016, 4pm – Brian Kelly-“Brexit – Can we go it alone in food law”

Watch this space for more information.