Food Thinkers seminars


FOOD THINKERS: A continuing series hosted by the Centre for Food Policy, City University London

Food Thinkers began as a seminar series to engage with those who play an active part in food policy-making. It now also focuses on the possibilities and challenges of integrated and inclusive food policy. Seminars are recorded and made available online.

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Upcoming Seminars

13th December 2017

Food Thinkers Christmas Special Panel Debate: What will get people cooking again? The role of public policy

The sessions that have taken place this year are:

17 November 2017, 5.30pm Andy Fisher – Addressing hunger in America: cheap food or food with values?

27 September 2017, 5.30pmProfessor Boyd Swinburn & Dr Anne Marie Thow – “Addressing the global burden of obesity and undernutrition through integrated systems thinking and policy coherence “

27 June 2017, 4pm –  Renato Maluf – “The intersectoral approach to food and nutrition security in Brazil: how it was built and where we stand today”

24 May 2017, 4pm – Tim Lang, Tara Garnett & Modi Mwatsama– “How can we make progress on normalising Sustainable Diets?”

15 February 2017, 4pm – Jonathan Jones-“Dysfunctional regulation of GM crops; scope for improvement post-Brexit?”

1 February 2017, 4pm – Regional Food Thinkers Seminar with Jane Dixon

25 January 2017, 4pm – Peter Stevenson– “Post Brexit Farming: Interweaving animal welfare, the environment and public health.”


24 September 2014, 4 pm Stephanie Barrientos (Manchester University) – ‘How are supermarkets transforming the gender nexus in global agri-food value chains?’

8 October 2014, 3 pm  Clive Black (Shore Capital) – ‘The death of the supermarket and the rise of the entrepreneur- myth or reality: the future of food retailing in the UK’

22 October 2014 Jane Dixon (Australia National University) – ‘What about the Culture in Agri-Culture?’

27 October 2014, 2 pm Graham Riches – ‘Wasted food for surplus people. Food Charity or Food Justice?’

3 December 2014, 4 pm Sophia Murphy (University of British Columbia)- ‘Resilient Food Security: stability and the governance of international agricultural trade’

10 December, 4 pm Rachael Durrant (University of Sussex)- ‘Civil society roles in transition: towards sustainable food?’

21 January 2015, 4 pm Rob Harrison – “Consumer Campaigning in the 21st Century”

4 March 2015, 4 pm Andy Fearne -“Sustainability: whose line is it anyway?”

25 March 2015, 2 pm Peter Backman – “Eating out versus eating in: the battles to feed us out of home”

22 April 2015, 4 pm Corinna Hawkes– “Connecting with the food system”

13 May 2015, 4 pm Nora McKeon– Food Security Governance: empowering communities, regulating corporations

24 June 2015, 4 pm Christine Parker– The potential of the food label as democratic governance space

30 September 2015, 4 pm Mark Lawrence, Deakin University– “Rethinking evidence use for food and nutrition policy”

28 October 2015, 4 pm Simon Capewell, University of Liverpool– “Can we quantify the benefits of healthy food policies?”

11 November 2015, 4 pm Ben Richardson, University of Warwick– “Capital Appetite: The Political Economy of Sugar Consumption”

18 November 2015, 2 pm Hannah Brinsden, World Obesity Federation– “The role of civil society advocacy in the modern world of food and health”

2 December 2015, 4 pm Robin Ireland, Health Equalities Group– “Translating Local Action to National Policy”

13 January 2016 Valerie Tarasuk, University of Toronto- “Monitoring food insecurity in Canada: shifting the conversation from charity to public policy”

20 January 2016 Samuel Levie-“The Food Cabinet. Transition by Doing”

1 June 2016, 4 pm Lauren Blake- “Breaking down the personal and professional: an exploration of British food activism through oral history”

15 June 2016, 4 pm Sergio Schneider- “School feeding programmes as a strategy to connect health, nutrition and agriculture in emerging economies”.

28 September 2016 Erik Millstone: “The evolution of food safety policy-making: progress and retrogression”.

26 October 2016, 4 pm Tim Lang- “First it’s exit the Corn Laws (1846). Then it’s Brexit (2016). Now what?”

16 November 2016, 4pm – David Baldock, “Horses and Carts: can policies in a post Brexit world harness farming to more sustainable diets?”

23 November 2016, 4pm – August ‘Gus’ Schumacher Jr. ‘Food as Medicine: Nutrition Incentives and Veggie Prescriptions’

7 December 2016, 4pm – Brian Kelly-“Brexit – Can we go it alone in food law”

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