Invitation to suggest topics for future FRC briefing papers

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Request made by: Coordinator, Food Research Collaboration
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    Mary Atkinson

    Invitation to suggest topics for future FRC briefing papers

    The Food Research Collaboration (FRC) is inviting our CSO membership to suggest topics for state-of-the- art FRC briefing papers that review the evidence on key food issues.

    Choice of briefing paper topics is informed by what CSO have requested. Interdisciplinary project teams of academics and CSO experts are then set up for each briefing paper to oversee all stages of its production in order to ensure their rigour and that they are relevant to the FRC membership. PhD students are being actively encouraged to write our briefing papers.

    To date, we have published papers on UK Food Prices and the role of civil society in the transition towards more sustainable diets. A number of other briefing papers on topics are due to be published very soon.

    Please post any suggestions you might have for briefing paper topics in the box below, explaining why you think this topic needs reviewing and why you think it is important for civil society.

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    Rachael Durrant

    Hi there,

    As a special adviser to a charitable trust that deals with food and health-related issues I am keen to know what, if any, robust evidence there is on the impact of serving improved (i.e. fresh, nutritionally balanced and environmentally sound) meals to hospital patients on their recovery to health.  For instance, where they have been implemented, do the new standards for hospital food lead to faster recovery times? Obviously it may be too early to say in this case, but does evidence exist from pilots? Or other countries?  It would be great to see a briefing paper that presented state of the art research addressing this and closely-related questions about the health and wellbeing benefits of sustainable healthy diets, especially with a focus on where good food is being/has been/could be used within healthcare settings as part and parcel of the treatment for ill-health.



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      Amanda Baker

      This would be very valuable for my work, too.

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      Mary Atkinson

      Dear Rachael and Amanda

      Thank you both for suggesting hospital food as a possible topic for a FRC briefing paper.  The FRC team are currently exploring this idea and will keep you informed.

      Best wishes


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    Mary Atkinson

    Dear All

    Also to add that we got a good response to the recent email to the FRC membership asking for new ideas for FRC briefing papers.  Topics suggested include the following:

    • Balanced review of the arguments for and against GM x 2
    • Role of agro-ecology in both developed and developing countries
    • Food sovereignty in developed vs developing countries
    • Implications of regulatory (planning) systems on traditional markets
    • What can be done to educate and encourage secondary school children to expect better food and drink
    • Critical analysis of the use of food waste to tackle food poverty
    • The implications of incorporating neglected and underutilised species (NUS) in food systems
    • An analysis energy drinks to inform policy x 2

    All topics suggested will be considered.  Do please suggest more and provide feedback on the ideas above



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