Research partner sought for action research on young persons values around food.

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Request made by: Edible Education Coordinator - This is Rubbish
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    Poppy Flint

    Research partner sought for action research on young persons values around food.

    This is Rubbish – Edible Education has funding to deliver an after school programme with 15 primary school students about food waste and the food supply chain.The programme takes a holistic approach, considering social as well as environmental aspects of our food system. It consciously embeds the core values of the Edible Education (EE) team and strives to strengthen values considered influential on long term sustainable behaviour.

    Why including a research element is important to us:

    The programme will include gathering information and pieces of students’ work for quantitative and qualitative evaluation. However, our aspiration is to widen the scope of the monitoring and evaluation of the programme to be richer and more useful than the facts and figures we return to funders. We hope it can be of interest to the wider community with an interest in the pedagogy of food and sustainability, and related behaviour change. We are interested in further exploration of values led education and believe action research into what resonates with the young people would benefit the programme. TiR does not currently have funding for integrating action research or producing the level of evaluation and we aspire to. Therefore we hope this proposal interests someone enough to want to work with the two Edible Education Coordinators to secure funding for their role. We estimate this to be for 5 – 6 months initially. Through out the project they will be working closely with Poppy Flint, who has recently completed MSc Education for Sustainability and has already started an investigation into students food values for her dissertation and Mickey Reedy who is a trained early years teacher, chef and all round food waste hero.

    The ideal candidate for this role will have experience in action research and evaluation in an education setting and/or research into values.Please do get in contact for more information. 

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