Researcher needed for Community Childhood Obesity project – Hackney, London

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    Charlotte Head

    Researcher needed to aid and assist with robust evaluation of a community project. 

    Our project is part of Hackney Council’s Healthy Ideas fund addresing the wider causes of childhood obesity and the first phase will run in early summer 2016.

    Our project is guided by two main research questions:
    1) How much food advertising does a young person in Hackney come face to face with on a daily basis?
    2) Will equipping these young people with food related media skills allow them to be more critical of the food advertising that surrounds them?

    Our project will fill a gap in research regarding just how much food advertising a young person in Hackney encounters on a daily basis (on the street, at school, at home and online) and how they feel about that. In addition we hope to find out how much their food choices alter if they understand better how they and their peers are targeted by the food industry.

    We will run the project, based around the Frampton Park Estate in Hackney, from the end of the summer term and over two weeks at the beginning of the holidays. The children will work through a number of questions themselves like why are supermarkets laid out in the way they are and how is labelling and advertising used to attract them?

    During the project they will undertake media literacy activities and make a record of the amount of food advertising they come across during the course of their everyday lives. Over the course of the project they will make a short film about their findings which will be shown at a local cinema.

    We’d like the researcher to observe the sessions, question the children informally, and keep a record of their responses. We are also looking for any other creative approaches to evaluation of the project. This will form part of our evaluation report to our funders, Hackney Council.

    We are looking for a researcher who is keen to get field experience in a community setting. The ideal candidate will have experience of questionnaires, interviews, leading a research project and analysis of qualitative data. An interest and awareness of issues in public health nutrition would also be beneficial.

    The project is part of Hackney’s Healthy Ideas fund looking at the wider causes of obesity. Depending on the outcomes, this pilot project could inform future public health policy in the borough and may develop further next year.

    Please email your CV and a covering letter outlining your relevant experience and explaining why you want to be involved in the project by 10 June.  

    Contact Details:
    Kate Poland

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