FRC Membership

FRC Membership

The FRC Membership is a unique network of academics and CSO representatives from across disciplines and sectors. We bring our members together through a range of events, co-produced papers, roundtables and workshops to work on key food policy issue.


Our iterative and collaborative model allows us to capture wide-ranging knowledge, research and experience to co-produce evidence-based outputs to inform more effective advocacy and policy development.


As a membership-led organisation, the FRC membership play a key role in shaping our outputs as an organisation and are actively engaged with our activities, playing an essential part in directing our focus and efforts. We also provide a space for our membership to write and publish policy briefings, as well as hosting events in conjunction with the Centre for Food Policy, at City, University of London.


Membership is free of cost, but each application is carefully reviewed. We are looking for members from the following sectors:


  • Academics who have a current or past academic connection and have contributed to the food research discourse in the UK, including publication in academic journals.
  • Those working on UK food issues for non-governmental Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) which do not distribute profits to private shareholders and so operate in the public interest and who support the general aims and work of the Food Research Collaboration.

Our Membership at a glance






CSO Representatives

Membership includes

Be invited to write briefing papers for the FRC on your topic of expertise. With additional communications and press office support

Shaping the direction of our work and directly influencing the FRC agenda

Feature in our Food Voices Articles, a platform for discussion on key food policy issues

Host joint events, roundtables, workshops & seminars with the FRC at City, University of London

Influence the development of tools that can be utilised in your own and others work

Be connected and collaborate with a wide consortium of individuals across disciplines & sectors

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By submitting this membership application, you are confirming that your activity supports the general aims of the FRC, as described in our mission statement:

The Food Research Collaboration (FRC) is dedicated to bringing together academics and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working to improve the UK food system. Our mission is to facilitate more effective collaboration between academics and CSOs to produce, share and use the knowledge needed to improve UK food policy. Our longer term vision is of academic and CSO communities working better together to influence and improve UK food policy to build a healthier, more sustainable food system.

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