Research Wanted

Welcome to the Research Wanted Forum.

In order to promote greater collaboration between FRC members and a better understanding of one another’s research priorities, this forum allows our FRC academic and CSO membership to post, for example:

• requests for research to be undertaken
• offers of support to the research process (e.g. suggestions of relevant literature, researchers/authors, examples, methodologies)
• offers of research (e.g. where a researcher is looking to apply research findings in a different context, where a researcher is looking for collaborators)

Although the Forum is visible to all, you must be an FRC member to post and reply to posts (see here how to join the FRC).

Please note that if you include your contact details in posted requests, they will be visible to all website visitors and everyone will be able to contact you. If you prefer to receive replies only from FRC members, we recommend that you withold contact information. Members are able to respond to posted requests in private messages through our website system, in a private reply on the forum or by engaging in a public discussion on the forum.

If you have a request for the Forum you will need to first log into the website and then complete the boxes below. The FRC team will moderate initial items before they become visible on the Forum to ensure the item is clear and fits the brief.

Download a detailed guide to the forum’s features

For best results please provide in the appropriate boxes a concise summary of your request:
• title
• clear description of your request or offer
• explanation as to why it is needed or is relevant

Since this is a new venture, we would welcome any feedback or suggestions to improve this facility and its use. (see here how to contact us)

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