Workshops and roundtables

Workshops and roundtables

16 February 2017 – Roundtable: “Mapping and promoting research and practitioner collaboration on systems approaches to healthy and sustainable food”

Sustainable Food Cities and the Food Research Collaboration co-hosted a roundtable bringing together practitioners from the Sustainable Food Cities Network and academics from universities across the UK promoting research and practitioner collaboration on systems approaches to healthy and sustainable food. Read More


8 November 2016 – The Case For Measuring UK Household Food Insecurity

The Food Foundation in partnership with the Food Research Collaboration, Sustain and the Sociology Department of Oxford University are holding an interactive sessions exploring why and how household food insecurity could be measured in the UK. Read More


14 November 2016 – Priorities for Healthy Food Policy: Launch of Expert Consensus

This event will launch the results of a national Expert Consultation involving 73 experts from 43 organisation in the development of the Food Environment Policy Index. This index evaluates how well England is doing in the development of healthy food policies and identifies priorities for action. Read more


5 October 2016 – FRC membership workshop on improving collaboration between academics and CSOs

Facilitating collaboration between academics and CSOs working in the UK food sector is the FRC’s central mission. The idea for this workshop sprang from suggestions made in our membership survey earlier in the year. Read more


20 July 2016 – Roundtable: “What next for Food Policy following the EU Referendum?”

On Wednesday, 20 July, 57 academics and civil society representatives attended a roundtable on Brexit and food organised and hosted by the Food Research Collaboration. The purpose of the meeting was to bring forward ideas for UK food policy in light of the results of the EU membership referendum. The roundtable was moderated by Professor Corinna Hawkes, Chair of the Food Research Collaboration. Read more


29 June 2016 – Roundtable on “What policies and actions are needed to dramatically reduce farm antibiotic use”

On 29th June a group of experts attended a roundtable event co-hosted by the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics and the Food Research Collaboration at the Centre for Food Policy at City University London, and chaired by Professor Tim Lang. Participants consisted of 26 representatives from organic and non-organic livestock and veterinary industries, civil society organisations, retail and foodservice sectors, and policy and health actors. Read more


12 May 2016 – Citizens’ Jury on the Future of Food in/out of the EU

This event is a one-day public debate about the outlook for our food and agriculture systems in the context of the current UK referendum on the UK’s EU membership on 23 June. Twelve jurors, drawn at random from those expressing interest in the event, will hear evidence from eight witnesses. They will then deliberate their verdict on the following statement: “The future of our food system would be best served by the UK exiting from/remaining in the EU.” Read more


11 May 2016 – Workshop on using the arts to improve research and dialogue on food

The arts could be central to a more participatory approach to researching a healthier and more sustainable food system. That is the premise of this wide-ranging workshop, which addresses a need expressed by researchers on food and farming. It will present a diverse range of arts-based approaches to dialogue with communities, and methods for thinking more creatively about how to create change. Read more


20 April 2016 – Roundtable on “Where next on food, jobs and work?”

On the 20th April, FRC and Sustain held a joint roundtable on “Where next on food, jobs and work?”. 27 people attended this in total including 8 academics, representatives from 13 CSOs and a media representative. Professor Tim Lang, Founder and Special Adviser to the FRC, City University, chaired the event. Read more


18 January 2016 – Roundtable on “Mapping the way forward on food poverty”

The Food Research Collaboration hosted a roundtable on food poverty, jointly organized with Sustain, the Food Foundation, Oxfam, and the Sociology Department of Oxford University. A gathering of campaigners and academics at City University London in January agreed on the need for a standard, quantitative measure of food insecurity in the UK. Read more


2 December 2015 – Roundtable on “Enhancing the Impact of Sustainable Food Strategies”

On Wednesday 2nd of December, the Food Research Collaboration hosted the second of four roundtables organised by Sustainable Food Cities Network looking at identifying indicators that will help city partnerships and governments to measure their progress towards the design of a more sustainable and secure urban food system. Read more


 28 October 2015 – Roundtable on ‘Sugar: charting a path forward’

FRC held a roundtable meeting on sugar under Chatham House rules. 24 academics and CSO experts from public health, the consumer lobby, the environment, jobs and trade and UK farming attended. Read more


24 September 2015 – Workshop with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism on researching influential organisations

A membership-only workshop on how to investigate the governance and influence of organisations that drive food policy and shape the food system, led by Nick Mathiason from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Read more


30 March 2015 – Strategy roundtable on Sustainable Dietary Guidelines

FRC in collaboration with the Eating Better alliance hosted a roundtable bringing together civil society organisations and academics from public health, environment, social justice and research perspectives to consider opportunities and activities to build support for achieving sustainable dietary guidelines for the UK. Read more


19 March 2015 – Growing Health roundtable

FRC hosted a meeting initiated by Growing Health. Representatives of 16 community based organisations and academics institutions got together to discuss tools and metrics used for measuring health outcomes and impact of community growing projects. Read more


20 January 2015 – Green Care roundtable

16 organisations working in social and therapeutic horticulture (STH) and animal assisted interventions (AAI) got together for the first time to discuss opportunities for collaboration in a roundtable on Green Care hosted by the Food Research Collaboration and initiated by Care Farming UK. Read more


28 April 2014 – Civil Society Organisations roundtable

The FRC and the team organising the ESRC “Future of our Food” seminar series invited representatives of 27 Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) working on food related issues in the UK to tell us their thoughts on the problems they care about and which they’d like to see investigated by academics. Read more