A is for Apple Event Held at FRC – Exploring Art, Food Policy & Brexit

The way we think about food policy often revolves around faceless statistics and political debate. What about the human stories left behind? Should they be given a space in research? Today, with Brexit, it is more important than ever to think about how to deliver clear messages to civil society to get them involved in food production. Personal stories from the farming communities can be used to bring to light issues that often remain dormant. Here we stop and reflect on how individual farmers must shift the way their crops are grown, processed and distributed in order to cope with policy changes. Learn how we uncovered those issues through artistic practices.

Join artists and curators from A is for Apple Project and researchers from Food Research Collaboration (FRC) in a two hour panel talk to discuss the importance of alternative research methods and what you can achieve with it.

A is for Apple speakers include:

Gen Doyresident artist working in Lathcoats Farm
Using sound as a way to document the memories, experiences and changes that can be found in a 3 generation family owned farm

Jamie Harper, resident artist working in Trumpington Community Orchard
Using facilitated Live Action Role Play workshops as an effective way to uncover systems that are set up within communities and orchards.

Lucy Steggalsresident artist working in National Fruit Collection
Looking at how using video, interview and text is useful to think about food, heritage and possible futures for the environment.

Alexandra Sazonova and Chloe Tingproject curators
Looking at apple farming through the arts and questioning whether it is a useful tool in involving people in food production and in thinking about the environment.

FRC speakers include:

Poppy Flinteducator and artist with experience working on sustainability issues in formal and non-formal education, and community settings
Looking at how to stimulate conversation and use practical, creative activities to strengthen values and habits aligned with more sustainable lifestyles.

Dr Victoria SchoenResearch Fellow at the Food Research Collaboration in the Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London
Looking at the effect of Brexit on fruit farming with a focus on trading issues, migrant workers and subsidies.

Bella Wheeler, Research Associate Social Work and Social Care at Sussex University
Looking at the use of art as a tool for research, effective strategies and how they have had a positive impact

A is for Apple is an art project that looks at the future of fruit farming, specifically apple farming, post-Brexit. It will culminate in a London exhibition on the 20th October in London, Herne Hill at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning. It was created by two curators, Alexandra Sazonova and Chloe Ting, who gathered a team of three artists to undertake weeklong residencies at apple farms across England. The artists researched and uncovered the human stories often left behind in our thinking about food production.

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