Influencing Brexit to achieve food system sustainability – Workstream 1

Influencing Brexit to achieve food system sustainability

This workstream uses the FRC’s collaborative approach to analyse the implications of Brexit for the food system. The goal is provide relevant, evidence-based recommendations that are used by campaigning Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and policy-makers, to achieve integrated food policy.

Our work involves:

  • Researching, collating and sharing information on the implications for UK food of the Brexit negotiations and transition period
  • Engaging and supporting CSO campaigns for better food policy after Brexit
  • Locating academic expertise on relevant topics and helping make it available to CSOs
  • Publishing and sharing information ─ in reports, at events and via social media ─ to help dispel misinformation
  • Developing recommendations for integrated, sustainable food policy
  • Supporting the RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission consultation on a fairer and more sustainable food system post Brexit.

Our Food Brexit outputs include:

Food Brexit Briefings – Authored by experts from academia and/or civil society and overseen by an academic Editorial Board, the Briefings provide detailed analysis and make specific recommendations for integrated policy.

Food Brexit VoicesShorter than Briefings, the Voices provide an opportunity to present policy problems from the perspective of the author or organisation, along with policy ‘asks’ and the rationale for proposing them.

Food Brexit Discussion Papers – To be authored by the FRC team with input from key CSO partners, these reports will apply the integrated policy framework advocated by the Centre for Food Policy to selected food chains.

Health and the Agriculture Act Brexit means the first UK Agriculture Act since 1947, a crucial test for  integrated food policy-making. On the showing of the February 2018 consultation paper, public health is neglected – hence our collaborative work to rectify  this omission.

We also use a range of events and communications (including roundtables, workshops, blogs and social media) to promote and facilitate collaborative working on Brexit and post-Brexit food policy.

If you would like to find out more or get involved, contact project leader Rosalind Sharpe: .

News & Updates

If you would like to find out more or get involved, contact project leader Rosalind Sharpe: .