The Future of Our Food Seminars

The Future of Our Food Seminars

The Food Research Collaboration was partnered with the ESRC-funded ‘Future of our Food’ project.

“The Future of our Food” was an innovative seminar series that unites academics, civil society organisations, members of the general public and policy makers in an effort to jointly explore emerging challenges in agriculture and food in the UK and globally. The project was designed to synthesise cutting-edge research on food systems for a mixed, multidisciplinary audience.

The topic of each seminar was informed by the outcomes of an initial FRC/Future of our Food joint meeting with CSOs

Each event aimed to:

  • Provide an overview of state of the art research on various aspects of the UK food system
  • Explore links between the UK and global food system
  • Define key future trajectories of sustainability and resilience of UK food system

The project was run as a collaboration between Universities in England, Wales and Scotland, with close engagement from civil society organisations from across the UK food system.

Members of the organising team were:

For more information on the project, please contact Professor Steffen Boehm, Univeristy of Exeter.