Covid-19 Food Policy in England – The First Four Months

Covid-19 Food Policy in England - The First Four Months

Data by Rosalind Sharpe, Visualisation by Gavin Wren

This Covid Food Policy Tracker captured food policy-in-the-making, as the English government responded to the crisis between March and July 2020. All of the policies collected have been converted into a visual story using the Flourish data visualisation platform.

About the authors

Rosalind Sharpe

Dr Rosalind Sharpe is a research fellow at the Food Research Collaboration, where her research focuses on food policy in the UK, the food impacts of Brexit, and the sustainability of food systems. She is also responsible for working with the academics and civil society organisations that form the FRC’s membership. She was previously a journalist and editor.

Gavin Wren

Gavin is the communications officer for the Food Research Collaboration. He is a creative food systems professional who works on projects involving policy communication and creative media. His primary interest is translating research and policy into effective media for different audiences. He is a graduate of MSc Food Policy from City, University of London and is food policy representative for The Guild of Food Writers.

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