Food Brexit Briefings

Food Brexit Briefing Papers

The Food Brexit Policy Briefings series looks in depth at the implications of Brexit for the UK food system.

Brexit represents the biggest shake-up of the British food supply since the Second World War. It has been seen to present both threats and opportunities, and not surprisingly, therefore, it has prompted prodigious activity among ‘policy influencers’, including both academics and Civil Society Organisations. The Food Brexit Briefings series aims to capture and share some of this thinking.

We aim to find authors in both academia and civil society who have current, relevant knowledge of critical Brexit issues, and who can produce authoritative analysis. We ask them to produce a clear overview of the issue and specific policy recommendations, bearing in mind our mission of advancing an integrated and inclusive approach to food policy.

FRC members are warmly invited to contribute to the Food Brexit Briefings series, or suggest topics that they would like to see covered: contact project leader Rosalind Sharpe

The FRC also produces a series of Food Brexit Voices articles and Food Brexit Discussion Papers as part of our Workstream on Influencing Brexit to achieve food system sustainability.