Food Research Collaboration

Food Research Collaboration

The Food Research Collaboration (FRC) brings together academics and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to improve UK food policy.


We are an initiative of the Centre for Food Policy, at City, University of London and support the Centre’s mission of advancing integrated and inclusive food policy.


We do this by bringing together academics and CSOs across disciplines and sectors to produce, share and use the evidence-based knowledge needed by policy makers and campaigners. Our focus is on the UK.

Latest Food Voices

Collaborating for inclusive and integrated food policy in the UK

Our Workstreams

Workstream 1

Influencing Brexit to improve food system sustainability

Produce policy recommendations for a more integrated approach to some of the key challenges and opportunities for the food system raised by Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Workstream 2

Rethinking UK food governance

Develop a vision for a new model of the governance of food policy in the UK. Explore what governance is needed for a more integrated and inclusive approach to food across government.

Workstream 3

Driving local progress on sustainable food

Produce evidence-based practical guidance to support the work of the Sustainable Food Cities network and others working on sustainable food at the local level.

Our Policy Briefings

Food Policy Briefings

Exploring a range of issues, from labour trends to sustainable diets, surplus food to sugar, our Food Policy Briefings are written and reviewed by academic researchers and civil society advocates. Each Briefing explores a key issue and sets out policy recommendations.  Forthcoming Policy Briefings will cover issues in each of our three workstreams.

Food Brexit Briefings

These tackle some of the issues and questions that the Brexit process is constantly throwing up for the food system. They are written by authors from academia and civil society who have expertise on these issues. The Briefings tackle issues in more depth, providing thorough analysis and settings out policy recommendations. The Voices provide an opportunity for a quicker, shorter response.

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