Food Research Collaboration

The Food Research Collaboration

We bring together academics, civil society groups and sustainable food businesses to share the knowledge needed to help steer the UK towards a more sustainable food system.

By this we mean a food system that:

  • Produces nutritious foods at affordable prices
  • Reduces adverse climate and environmental impacts
  • Regenerates nature and habitats
  • Provides rewarding and well-paid work
  • Cares for animals
  • Values skills
  • Promotes food justice
  • Respects diversity.

We are concerned with practice (what happens and where things could work better) and policy (what the rules and regulations are, and how these could be improved).

Our focus is on helping to protect and promote the sustainable food sector through the turbulence of Brexit, Covid-19 and the climate and environmental emergency.

As an initiative of the Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London, we support the Centre’s mission of advancing integrated and inclusive food policy.

Through our research and collaborations, we produce and share the evidence-based knowledge needed by policy-makers, campaigners and food enterprises to achieve these goals.

Collaborating to strengthen the sustainable food sector

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