Graham Riches

Graham Riches

Graham Riches on understanding food poverty and its causes

Graham Riches from the School of Social Work, University of British Columbia joins the FRC for our Food Bites series and explores the current issues in the food system and what civil society organisations and academics could be doing to work towards solutions that address the issues within the food system.

Graham Riches is emeritus professor and former director of the School of Social Work, University of British Columbia (1998-2008). He grew up and was educated in the UK and was an early VSO volunteer in Sarawak (1960-61). After social policy studies at LSE (1965) , he worked in community development on public housing estates in London, later serving as director of Liverpool University Settlement. He has held teaching posts in Hong Kong, Australia and in Canada (Saskatchewan and BC) where he has lived since 1974.

His research and writing lies primarily in the field of poverty studies, human rights and social policy with a focus on issues of domestic hunger, food charity, social welfare and the right to food within Canada and the rich ‘first world’. Previous publications include Food Banks and the Welfare Crisis (1986) and First World Hunger: Food Security and Welfare Politics (ed., 1997). In 2005 he was a consultant in the preparation of the UN FAO’s Voluntary Guidelines on the Right to Food (2005).

Graham also joined the FRC for a Food Thinkers seminar

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