Eating out vs eating in – Peter Backman – Food Thinkers

Eating out vs eating in – Peter Backman – Food Thinkers

Peter Backman on eating out versus eating in: the battles to feed us out of home

The eating out market (which goes by many names: catering, foodservice and more) accounts for 28% of the total UK food spend. But what does this mean in terms of how consumers consume food? How does it impact on issues such as raising awareness of global cuisines, improving food quality, and changing perceptions about food pricing? Where do the responsibilities of the foodservice sector stand in terms of issues such as attenuating obesity, raising awareness of allergens, and enhancing knowledge about local produce? How does the eating out market impact on food supply and what changes does it drive in terms of supply chains? How does eating out create opportunities – and problems – for operators (in restaurants, pubs, schools and more)? What are the implications for employment (the eating out market employs about 1.5 million people)? What does the long term future hold for this dynamic sector?

About the speaker

Peter Backman is the Managing Director of Horizons, an expert on the structure and dynamics of the foodservice sector, and its supply chain, in the UK and across Europe. He is responsible for the company’s vision and driving the business forward. He has been involved, as a researcher and consultant within the sector, for over 30 years blending his knowledge with a deep understanding of the trends, key players and challenges of organisations with an interest in food service.

He regularly speaks at conferences worldwide and his views are sought by television, radio, the Bank of England and the press. Peter has many innovations to his credit having been the first person to define the structure of the eating out market in the terms which are now widely used by the industry, as well as the most extensive database model of the foodservice sector.

Peter is the past Chairman of Arena, the pan-industry networking organisation that he was instrumental in setting up twenty five years ago. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality and a member of the Market Research Society.

Peter also joined the FRC for a Food Bites to give us a snapshot of what the current issues in the food system are and what civil society organisations and academics could be doing to work towards solutions.

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