Food standards and Brexit

Food standards and Brexit

Food standards and Brexit

13 March 2019

Professor Erik Millstone and Professor Tim Lang have written a letter to The Lancet calling for good food standards to protect public health and sustainability in the UK and beyond. The correspondence piece follows the publication of the US negotiating position on a post-Brexit US-UK trade deal, in which the US Trade Representative made clear that the UK must abandon the EU’s high food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection standards. Two days later the US Ambassador to the UK called Europe’s food and farming a museum.

The letter, like previous Brexit Briefings by the Food Research Collaboration, warns about compromised food standards as a result of a UK-US trade deal and highlights four reasons why the US approach shouldn’t be adopted.

Prof Millstone and Prof Lang also wrote a letter to The Guardian warning about compromised food standards post-Brexit.

The two Professors have made various TV and radio appearances recently to talk about Brexit and food standards, including on BBC World at One, BBC 1 News and World News and US National Public Radio (on a show broadcast on 300 US and Canadian affiliated stations).

The topic of chlorinated chicken and hormone beef were the central subject of a comedy sketch on BBC Radio 4 Today programme on Friday, 8th of March (listen from 2:55:35).

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