FRC call to join Cooking Skills email group

FRC call to join Cooking Skills email group

The FRC is working with Sustainable Food Cities to produce evidence based practical guidance on cooking skills, for use at the community level.   The intention of such guidance is to support  practitioners, commissioners and others working at the local level know “what works best” in terms of designing,  implementing and monitoring cooking projects with achievable outcomes, at a time of declining involvement by nutritionists/dietitians familiar with evidence/good practice in commissioning decision making. The guidance also aims to help “make the case” to policy makers and funders at a time of dwindling public resources.

After calling upon our membership of 500+ members, the FRC have now developed a group of highly engaged members who will directly contribute to the work being carried out on our Cooking Skills project.

To date (11 June 2016) we have 44 people registered for this email group.

To join, please contact

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