FRC food governance work presented at closed briefing for MPs

FRC food governance work presented at closed briefing for MPs

23 May 2019

Dr Kelly Parsons was invited to present at a round table discussion for parliamentarians on the future of agricultural technologies held by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) on Tuesday, 21st May in Westminster.

She spoke on the future of food governance and systems, first outlining the direction of travel globally on food governance, including the push for more integrated and inclusive food policies, new mechanisms to connect policymaking on food systems, and using particular policy tools and programmes as leverage points to hit multiple food system goals. She then drew out the implications for England, presenting findings from the Food Research Collaboration’s research on how food policy is currently made, which involved interviewing key departments working on food-related policy, and outside stakeholders.

Find out more about the event.

Read more about Dr Parsons’ work at the FRC on ‘Rethinking UK Food Governance’.

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