FRC publications on Brexit and horticulture attract press interest

FRC publications on Brexit and horticulture attract press interest

In March, the Food Research Collaboration released two briefing papers written by Professor Tim Lang, Chair of the FRC, and Dr Victoria Schoen, FRC Research Fellow. “Food, the UK and the EU: Brexit or Bremain?” explores the food sector implications of the referendum on Britain’s EU membership, while the second paper, “Horticulture in the UK: potential for meeting dietary guideline demands”, discusses the gap between UK horticultural production and dietary guidelines on fruit and vegetables.

Both of these publications have attracted interest from the media and the public. The report on Brexit vs Bremain is, to date, the most downloaded FRC briefing paper, and it has been featured in The Scotsman, The Grocer, Farming UK, Farming Online, Food Manufacture and Environmental Health News. An excerpt from the paper was published on the BrexitVote blog run by the London School of Economics.

Articles on our more recent publication on UK horticulture have appeared in The Times, Farming UK, the Fresh Produce Journal and Produce Business UK. The report was also mentioned in an opinion piece on supermarkets in The Observer. 

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