Brexit comments from Prof Tim Lang featured in the media

Brexit comments from Prof Tim Lang featured in the media

On June 24, the results of the referendum on Britain’s European Union membership were announced: the British public voted in favour of leaving the EU. In the light of this decision, the food implications of Brexit are beginning to receive more attention and prominence.

Professor Tim Lang, Founder and Special Advisor of the Food Research Collaboration, has commented on the food consequences of the referendum for several media outlets. On Wednesday, The Guardian published an article by Professor Lang which reviews the major discussion points: “How will leaving the European Union affect our food?”.  Professor Lang’s Brexit concerns were also quoted in a New Yorker piece, published on June 28th,  while on Thursday, in The Conversation, he addressed food security specifically, in a piece titled “How Brexit threatens Britain’s food security”. 

In March, the Food Research Collaboration published a briefing paper on Brexit and its possible effects on the food sector. The paper was written by Tim Lang and Victoria Schoen and it is available on our website. 

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