Call For Papers on “Fruits of Our Labour”

Call For Papers on “Fruits of Our Labour”

Following ESRC-funded ‘Future of our Food’ seminar series for which FRC was a partner, we are now sharing a call for papers for a Special Issue of “Organisation” on “Fruits of Our Labour: Work and Organisation in the Global Food System” by 30 June 2018.

The Special Issue Guest Editors are: Böhm, University of Exeter UK; Tim Lang, City University, London UK; and Marja Spierenburg, Radboud University, Netherlands. 

In this special issue, authors are invited to engage theoretically and empirically with the organisation of capital, work and labour in the global agri-food system. More specifically, authors are asked to explore how work and labour in the agri-food system have been shaped by the political economy of food and agriculture and how these issues relate to other pertinent challenges, including climate change, the obesity epidemic, ongoing hunger, food poverty and land grabbing. Finally, we are also interested in new forms of work and labour that resist dominant political economies of the agri0food system, showing pathways towards more sustainable, equitable and just features.

Contributions from researchers, activists, artists and professionals are invited on the following topics, though this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • The experience of work and labour in the agri-food system
  • Political economy of value/supply chains
  • Organisation of work and labour in the agri-food system
  • Historical perspectives of food labour and organisation
  • Organisation of small-scale food producers
  • Migration of labour in relation to food
  • Pro-sumption of food (the role of the prosumer)
  • Work and labour implications of new technologies in food systems
  • Food and agricultural co-operatives
  • Struggles for land and their implications for work and labour
  • Agro-ecological work and labour
  • Global divisions of labour in the agri-food system
  • Fair trade vs free trade and the implications for work and labour
  • Organising labour unions and informal resistances in the agri-food system
  • Consumer understanding of and engagement with food labour processes

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