FRC report on energy drinks received wide press coverage

FRC report on energy drinks received wide press coverage

Last week, the Food Research Collaboration released its latest briefing paper, written by Shelina Visram (Durham University) and Kawther Hashem (Action on Sugar): “Energy drinks: what’s the evidence?”

The report highlights the timely issue of health concerns around increased energy drinks consumption by children and adolescents. Since its launch on Thursday, 21 July, several media outlets have reported on the FRC paper and its findings, amounting to the highest volume of press coverage received by an FRC publication to date.

Print publications to mention the report include: The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Grocer, The Sun,  The Scotsman and The Herald, as well as a large number of local newspapers across the country. Several radio stations also covered the report, with authors Shelina Visram and Kawther Hashem giving interviews to LBC, BBC Tees and Highland Radio.

You can read the full briefing paper and press release on our website.


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