FRC supports regional collaborations of academics

FRC supports regional collaborations of academics

The FRC is keen to regionalise its reach, so allowing greater access participation and relevance to those based outside of London and the South East. To help achieve this, we are linking in with and supporting the work of some local/regional food collaborations of academics.

We have published today an FRC briefing paper “Regional Responses: The Sustainable Food North West Research Collaboration” written by Adrian Morley, Brigit Ramsingh, Mark Dooris, Alan Farrier, Andrew Hollingsworth. This paper presents the conception and learning from the initial phase of the Sustainable Food North West Research Collaboration, which is made up of academics from the University of Central Lancashire, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Salford and Edge Hill University.

For more information on Sustainable Food North West Research Collaboration, see


We have also made available online the video and PowerPoint presentation for our first Food Thinkers seminar held outside London at Plymouth University on 1st February – The social and environmental considerations of ethical eating, with a focus on ‘nutritional breakthrough foods’ presented by Professor Jane Dixon. This event was jointly organised by an emerging academic food collaboration in the South of England from Plymouth University, Exeter University and Schumacher College.

For more information on the new Food Research Collaboration in the South West, please contact,, or

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