New Eating Better report: “Let’s talk about meat”

New Eating Better report: “Let’s talk about meat”

Eating Better is publishing today a new report: “Let’s talk about meat- changing dietary behaviour for the 21st century”, alongside figures from a YouGov survey. The survey, commissioned by Eating Better and Friends of the Earth, has found that around one in three people (35%) say they are willing to consider eating less meat, with one in five (20%) saying they have already cut back on the amount of meat they eat over the last year.

“The report identifies ten potential drivers for motivating behaviour change towards more plant-based diets and ‘less and better’ meat eating. It concludes that despite strong evidence of the benefits for health and climate change – as well as public willingness to eat less meat – the public’s efforts are not yet supported by governments and most food companies.”

You can find the full report on the Eating Better website.

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