The Food System- an overview from Geoff Tansey

The Food System- an overview from Geoff Tansey

“The Food System- an overview” is a half hour video lecture by Geoff Tansey. It covers the basics of the food system, the various actors operating in it, the changing world and key trends, the varying tools for control used, food policy and practice, providing a succint overview of food in our world today.

Geoff Tansey is a freelance writer and consultant on food, agriculture and related intellectual property issues. All the issues in the lecture are covered more extensively in the 1995 book he co-authored with Tony Worsley, “The Food System: A Guide”.

You can download a transcript of the lecture and find suggestions for further reading on Geoff Tansey’s website. 

Please fill in this 60 second survey after watching the lecture.

This video and others are now part of Geoff Tansey’s new online open education resource, Food Systems Academy.


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  1. Leon Ballin says:

    Excellent overview Geoff – broad yet deep. I’ll be sharing it with colleagues!

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