Square Meal Debate at Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset

Square Meal Debate at Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset

On 28 October, Communities Living Sustainably (CLS) in Dorset hosted a debate on Square Meal:

“Over 100 people participated in workshops and debate about the ‘Square Meal’ in at Dorset’s premier agricultural teaching centre. Delegates were considering the need and opportunities for integrated food and farming policy and practice that also embraces health and wildlife.  The panel of national speakers from Soil Association, RSPB, along with Dorset-based representatives of the National Farmers Union, Landworkers Alliance and Bournemouth and Poole Sustainable Food Cities, sparked lively audience questions.

The main points arising included the need to lead and educate by example in all aspects of life and the community. In particular we need information and education for all consumers about the real price of food – i.e. the cost to the natural environment and wildlife. If we educate and incentivise all along the food chain, and encourage people to buy local, it helps to reach beyond the middle classes and there will be a greater understanding that local food can be affordable and available to all. We need to normalise a diet that is healthy for people and planet alike; and this will also save the NHS resources.”

You can read the report that resulted from this event on the CLS Dorset website.

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